#TOW— Remote working

#TOW— Remote working

We’d all love to work remotely, while maintaining our productivity level. Every company likes to have people like that, working from outside the office, who will nevertheless finish their tasks on time. However, the same question always arises: how does one continue to be productive when working like that? It’s of course not easy to find answers to this question, because if it were then the majority of companies would have such employees. I’d like to share some things that I’ve learnt from working with people in this way, but also from our own personal experience (both practical and theoretical):

Meetings — depending on the work dynamic, you need to have weekly and monthly meetings. In the beginning, you should meet at least once a week, until things get going, and then you can move towards monthly meetings.

Focus — all those involved in the work need to be fully focused on what they’re doing. It’s not a problem to work on several things during the day, but when you’re working on a particular task, make sure you’re concentrated on it. I’m emphasising this because remote working is most often associated with working from home, and we all know that when you’re at home there’s plenty of “home stuff” that can distract you.

Preparation — even though you’re working remotely, prepare your mind for work!! You’re not at home; you’re at work that’s currently located at your place. If you’ve said that you’re going to work from home, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to lay around at home, but that you’ll be at work, from home. So, when you wake up, get ready in the same way as when you go to work, get dressed and go to work (read: in a different room at home)… Don’t just sit around in your pyjamas with your bedhead. Would you go to work like that?

Monitoring — since we’re talking about remote working, then it’s a good idea to use some of today’s digital tools (some are even free) in order to define tasks that need to be completed daily, weekly and monthly, with appropriate monitoring to make sure they’re done.

Communication — this type of work requires more frequent communication. All manner of communication is more than available these days and all apps should be used to that you can talk to or see each other as often as necessary.

As you can see, remote working can be easy, but it’s not quite as simple as it seems. In the end, it’s all down to the dedication of those that have been contracted to work remotely, and whether they truly intend to be loyal and complete what’s been agreed, but it’s also about the trust and openness of the contracting party towards new challenges and ways of working.

Wishing you success with the changes to come,


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#TOW— Remote working

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