Some Freelance And Outsourcing Websites Available To Remote Workers In Nigeria

Some Freelance And Outsourcing Websites Available To Remote Workers In Nigeria

The business world is gradually shifting from the usual physical office structure to rather virtual and technologically inclined state. For the very reason that technology is panning the human communication structure, especially in business to a rather virtual sphere simply means one thing. It means that we, I mean business, should follow suit.

A number of business are beginning to embrace and appreciate the place of remote workers in the business world. One can easily establish contact with another at very distant ends and still execute the business aim. This a general highlight of what this article is about. This article is meant to expose you to some of the freelance and outsourcing websites available to remote workers in Nigeria.
Codemint is a computer science project and source codes website. It is meant to aid final year students in tertiary institutions both at the HND level, undergraduates, masters, etc. More especially, codemint pays attention to computer science projects which usually require computer softwares (source codes) in one of the chapters. The managers of codemint are Professional programmers and software developers.
Moreso, codemint, as an outsourcing website, allows crowdsource computer source codes from other programmers. These programmers are usually paid for what ever the source code cost. Not just that, each of the programmers stand the chance of being recognized intellectually and at the same time selling their level of expertise to the technology market.
Oyerr is a Nigeria freelance service and micro jobs market place. It is a website that creates a meet point freelancers, remote workers and buyers. Every freelancer who does a micro task on oyerr are paid by the buyer as soon as the job is done and delivered. Also, oyerr also outsource tasks to enterprises or individual with a promise of a 10% discount for every gig order. That sounds great right ?

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Some Freelance And Outsourcing Websites Available To Remote Workers In Nigeria

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