The logistics of remote working shouldn’t hit you in the pocket

The logistics of remote working shouldn’t hit you in the pocket

Joanne Upton on how using the product helps her work for the company

Like everyone in the company, I work remotely for aio•. So I get all the benefits of that arrangements and can use all the work arounds.

I even have a dog and kids, so the benefits of this more flexible working are apparent to the whole of the household.

But working for a company like aio* and working in the way we do has one inevitable, and beneficial, outcome. I have to use our own service.

I often need to purchase items to enable me to go about my day to day work. It’s not exactly a coincidence that these expenses never come out of my pocket.

Working remotely can very often mean you need to purchase items out of your own pocket and, for many employees, this means that you don’t get the cash until you have time to fill out their company’s expense form and submit the receipts or worse still next time you are in the office.

At least at aio* we, in that horrible ad-speak, eat our own dogfood. I have an aio* business card to use for company expenses, whether that be purchasing some stamps or envelopes, pay for our VoIP telephone system online or even taking a client for a coffee.

It’s simple to submit a request for funds and my manager usual approves within the hour and I’m ready to go.

It’s kind of convenient for me, and I’m a great use case for our developers. There’s no substitute for using your own service in the wild. And, thankfully for our developers, it’s not let me down yet.

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The logistics of remote working shouldn’t hit you in the pocket

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