Going Rogue: The Proposal to Be a Remote Employee [+ Template]

Going Rogue: The Proposal to Be a Remote Employee [+ Template]

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While my move from Seattle to NYC (and the corresponding launch into Remote Employee-hood) happened last September, the conversation had been going on since April or so. While casual conversations about my intention to move prepped the minds of my coworkers and managers, I knew that, in order for it to all be real, it needed to be in writing.

By writing out a detailed proposal for a remote work arrangement, I’d be able to kill several birds with one stone (or Word doc). Show that I’m serious about the move, plan out logistics for them so that I’m not creating additional work for the Ops team, and most importantly, have a tangible tool to drive a Yes/No/Let’s Negotiate.

Here’s an outline for the proposal I wrote for my manager and the other higher-ups to assess before giving the green light. Scroll further down to see the fully fleshed out version!

Feel free to use in your own communications.

To: [Manager]

From: [Employee]

Re: Proposal for Remote Work Arrangement


<Clear mission statement. What is your intention? Why?>

<Set up what they’ll read in the following paragraphs — ex) I’ve considered the needs of my role / the team / the company and have identified several potential benefits to this arrangement, outlined below>

<Establish next steps — ex) I would like to set up a meeting this Monday, June 10th, to discuss this proposal>

Job Tasks + Reporting

(This is to remind them of what you do in your day to day — be able to back up how you can fulfill these tasks remotely).

  • Primary elements to my current role: <bullet list of current tasks>
  • Potential future elements of my role: <bullet list of future tasks>


<What tools will you utilize for communications?>

<How will you ensure the technology works?>

<What’s your back-up plan?>


<How often will you check in with your team? Your manager?>

<How will you prove that you’re still on task while remote?>

<How will you stay on track in your professional goals?>


  • Timing & Schedule — when are you going? Where are you going? What’s the first day you’d propose to start working remotely? What will your working hours look like?
  • Equipment — will you keep your current laptop? Will you obtain your own and expense it? What will you do if it breaks down?
  • Location — where, specifically, will you work everyday? How will you pay for it (coworking space)? How will you ensure it’s maximizing your productivity? Include links / reviews or recommendations of the space if applicable.

Other Considerations

  • Roll-Out & Status — will you give it a 3 month trial, with a formal check-in to see if it’s working? What’s the “forever” plan — will you be remote with them from here-on-out? Will you eventually transition over to a different office location?
  • Referrals — who can vouch for your productivity? Who has been in meetings with you when you’ve worked from home? Who can speak to your trustworthiness?

<Closure> ex) Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to walking through this proposal in detail on Monday.

<Sign off>

Here’s the proposal I wrote for my manager (some context: I’m a Content Strategist for an advertising agency). Also, names and personal info are blocked for obvious reasons.

To: My Manager

From: Me

Re: Proposal for Remote Work Arrangement


As personal plans lead me to relocate to NYC in October 2017, I am proposing approval to work for <Company> Seattle remotely from NYC.

As a reliable employee with <Company> for 3 years, I hope you will consider my request based on my past performance and my contributions to the department and agency as a whole. I have considered the needs of my role/the team/company and have identified several potential benefits to this arrangement, outlined below.

I would like to meet with you before the end of July to discuss this proposal, which addresses job responsibilities, potential concerns, outlines timing, and a plan for equipment and technology.

Job Tasks + Reporting

Primary elements to my current role:

· Research

· Develop creative briefs, communications plans, messaging frameworks, editorial calendars

· Perform in-depth content audits

· Provide ongoing strategic direction and insights

· Brainstorm campaigns and monthly content with <client> creative team

· Remain on-top of <client> news to inform team of messaging opportunities

· Ongoing monitoring of trends, opportunities in productivity tech and small business spaces

Potential future elements of my role:

· On-the-ground support for video/photo shoots profiling small business owners (cost savings for <company> as many occur on the east coast)

· Additional monthly reporting / social listening (no MarSci budget allocated for <client>)


· I will utilize Skype for Business, Skype, Outlook, real-time collaborative productivity tools, Egnyte, and phone calls for meetings, ensuring all technology is fully functional at least 10 minutes prior to each meeting

· For high-priority meetings such as client calls/presentations (occassional), I will ensure that a dedicated conferencing system is reserved in the NYC office.

· If there is an ad-hoc meeting, I would be available to call-in and participate in the meeting via phone.

· Real-time collaboration and brainstorming will happen with a mix of phone and cloud-based productivity tools like OneNote or Google Docs.


· Prior to leaving Seattle, revisit 2018 goals in Greenhouse to set milestones and standards to stay on track while remote

· Maintain a diligent weekly 1:1 phone meeting with my manager at the beginning of each week, with an email check-in at the end of every week.

· Each week I will create a status report outlining what I expect to complete and how much time I anticipate spending on each task. This will keep my manager and I aligned in the day-to-day to ensure I am being properly utilized.

· I will report what I have completed to my manager as part of the weekly status report created.


Timing & Schedule

I plan to be in NYC no later than October 15, 2017. This would set my first day of remote working on Monday, October 17th.

To adapt to a PST schedule, my official work hours will be 10:30 AM — 7 PM EST. These are the hours I will be “on” and fully available for meetings, calls, etc., however, if I have heads-down desk work, that may happen earlier in the morning to get ahead of the day and produce more work early in the day.


Option 1: NYC IT department to loan a machine, with quick correspondence assistance from the Seattle IT team

Option 2: Retain my current machine from Seattle (with the assumption that I would be fully responsible for returning it back if I leave <company>)

Option 3: Use my personal computer (less secure, slower and lacking storage).

I will continue to be accessible via personal mobile device during and outside of working hours.

Other Considerations

Roll-Out & Status

Upon the 3-month mark (January 15,2018), I propose a formal check-in to determine if goals are being met and the arrangement is proving effective.

I understand that my employment is considered at will and there must be determination whether or not this plan fits appropriately within the goals for the office. I also understand that approval of this proposal means that we will pilot the arrangement, and that we may need to make adjustments to this plan or I may need to return to my original work schedule/arrangement if the needs of the department change or if this is arrangement is not going well.

To continue momentum forward with <company>, I would also be consistently aware of upcoming social/content role openings on NYC P&L throughout my time working remotely to see if a transition could occur.


<Previous Manager>— Direct Manager, 11/2014–11/2015

o Worked remotely multiple times as Executive & Marketing Assistant

<Other Previous Managers— Direct Manager(s), 11/2015 — Current>

o Worked remotely for stints of time on content strategy team

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Going Rogue: The Proposal to Be a Remote Employee [+ Template]

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