5 Unwritten Rules Of The Coffee Shop Office.

5 Unwritten Rules Of The Coffee Shop Office.

As the nomadic life is becoming increasingly popular, more freelancers are looking for a place to work. Being able to work flexibly opens the options to almost anywhere with wifi and a comfy seat. With the lifestyle and working environment comes a few unwritten rules.

#1 It’s not your actual office.

No matter how long you spend in coffee shops or how comfortable you make yourself feel they will never be your actual office. They are still, most definitely coffee shops, a place for people to relax, catch up with friends and get some damn good coffee. Remember to be respectful of other peoples space and try not to spread out too far.

#2 Always buy something.

The coffee shops are businesses just like you and they need customers to stay open, just like you. Weather its a £3 coffee or a £10 lunch you should always purchase something during your visit. With the vast range of awesome coffee shops, you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy what you purchase.

#3 Use headphones with awareness.

There can be lots of distracting background noise in coffee shops so sometimes headphones are essential to zone out and focus. Turn your music up but don’t be so distracted that you miss the waitress call your number or the person next to you try to squeeze past to their seat.

#4 Take calls outside or don’t take them at all.

Again, this is not your office, it’s a coffee shop. If you’ve got lots to discuss then take your call outside to avoid distracting others. As before, coffee shops are loud, this’ll effect not only your concentration but also that of the other person on the phone. Is there anything worse than background noise when you’re talking with a client, colleague or friend?

#5 Stay confidential and secure.

The convenience of wifi means that we can now take our work anywhere with us however not all connectivity is secure. Think when you’re opening that confidential client document, maybe you should wait until you’re at home in a secure environment. You never know who is listening to your conversation or looking over your shoulder at your laptop screen.

If you aren’t able to abide by these rules then you’ll need to find somewhere suitable that you can brake them or they don’t exist. Try a coworking or a home office where you can be a little more flexible with your time and working environment.

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5 Unwritten Rules Of The Coffee Shop Office.

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