TWTW — Week 2, ENT101 — Another week , another experience.

TWTW — Week 2, ENT101 — Another week , another experience.

So,here comes my second story. Well, it was a new week and hence a new experience.This week was another try with a video on” Minimum Viable Product”.Though,it was my second video and I tried to make a better one since last time but I still feel it could have been better.

Another interesting thing that we did this week was to make our own site on google sites.The very first attempt and I now can say that “ yes, I have my own site.” Along with this we tried making our own App which I named as Goodtogo.

The end of the week we tried creating our own Bot which was interesting as hell. Though I struggled a bit because of the coding part but going through the videos made it a little easier.

Each day is a new learning as of now!!

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TWTW — Week 2, ENT101 — Another week , another experience.

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