Remote Desktop Using TeamViewer from Windows to Ubuntu

Remote Desktop Using TeamViewer from Windows to Ubuntu

There are a lot of approaches to remote access the Ubuntu desktop using RDP, xRDP, and VNC, etc. However, Many steps involved. And sometimes, the setup may not be successful after following all the steps. The setups of them are not easy.

The easiest one would be using TeamViewer.
Advanatages: Easy to setup
Disadvantages: Need to get online

For my case, I use Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18

  1. Just go to to download and then install TeamViewer at Windows. I’ve just downloaded the free version as I only use for non-commercial purpose.
  2. The same for Ubuntu. Download and install TeamViewer at Ubuntu.
  3. For both Windows and Ubuntu, there are ID and password:

Thus, another computer can remote access this computer using the ID and password.

4. Just input the ID and password, we can already remote the computer.

5. But every time the computer restart, TeamViewer will not be launched automatically. So, for example, there is update and reboot for the computer, we cannot remote again. We just need to go to options, tick the box “Start TeamViewer with system”. Then, TeamViewer will be launched automatically.

6. However, there is still a problem, the password will change every time TeamViewer is newly started. To have a static password, just go to option and have a person password as below:

So, we can gain access no matter how the Ubuntu is restarted or not, as we already have a static password, and TeamViewer is launched automatically for every time the system is restarted. 🙂

Source: Medium:Remote Working
Remote Desktop Using TeamViewer from Windows to Ubuntu

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