Internship in INNOVATUBE by Takuro Okada

I am Takuro Okada from Tokio Marine Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, referred to as TMNF) which is Japanese insurance company. My work is to deal with the claim of the insured and the victim and I work as the one of the manager in our section. Our section has about 25 people.

TMNF expects us to achieve three points by working abroad. The first is to recognize how important it is to work from the point of global view regardless of the home and abroad. The second is to work with capturing the essence of things. The third is to grow by facing myself again. TMNF gives me to work in INNOVATUBE as an intern for two weeks. It is the first time for me to work in another company and of course in foreign country. My own goal is to experience the difficulty of giving my opinion in English and finding my role as a member of INNOVATUBE. My industry, the insurance industry is remarkably different from the information technology industry, so I learned something new especially about how to work. I introduce what I learned here.

#1 Slack


Slack is used around the world especially as a communication tool of engineers. INNOVATUBE also uses this App to communicate with not only coworkers but also their clients. And we can divide the group by each project. I learned that it is very effective to communicate with coworkers and the client in slack because it enables us to save transit time and concentrate on our work. And we don’t have to argue whether someone has mentioned or not because we can check the past record.

INNOVATUBE rarely uses paper by sharing google document via slack. It is eco-friendly and there is no possibility to lose important paper.

Our company communicate via email and uses a lot of papers because our customers send us a lot of pictures or bills. By using email, we have to choose email address every time, and by using a lot of papers, we waste time on finding them if we lose. So, I think that we should use a tool like slack.

#2 Telework

Telework collaboration | Source:

I was surprised to see many employees working remotely in INNOVATUBE. In Japan, the issue of long working hours arises recently and many companies promote telework as an attack to work style reform. Government also promote telework and carried out the project “telework-day” which encourages many companies’ employees to work from home and commute to the office after 10:30am on July 23, 2017. This project has two aspects. The first is that each people should work as their life styles. The second is that we can avid the traffic jam. This project succeeded and will be held on a regular basis. TMNF also encourages us to work remotely but it doesn’t work because we can’t take our client’s information home, have to call our client by a fixed-line phone and use a lot of paper at office. Intern here is good opportunity to notice obstacles to promote the telework.

Many employees seem to work remotely mostly because of the bad weather. Some employees in TMNF can’t work when public transport stops because of same reason. In Japan, we have no choice except for the public transport, so promoting telework is very necessary for not wasting the labor. And telework can reduce Vietnamese traffic jam in morning.

#3 Lively Discussion

Team discussion | Source: Shutterstock

I got the impression that all team members state their own opinion. It may be because each member understands their role as a member of the team. In TMNF, we manage to improve the meeting style. Our meeting style is the one in a top-down fashion, and every member are accustomed not to mention their own opinion and not to take part in argument. Only when our boss asks someone to answer, they answer. I again realized that we should change the meeting style and create the environment to discuss lively.

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Internship in INNOVATUBE by Takuro Okada

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