Goodbye Dr. Myers

Goodbye Dr. Myers

My daughter has been a patient at Dr. Myers’ clinic for over a year. We worked with another doctor on staff and never met Dr. Myers. The clinic had some staff changes, that happens. We were scheduled to work with Dr. Myers. I was looking forward it. I was looking forward to speaking with Dr. Myers and getting her take on my daughter’s health.

The plan was I would go to Dr. Myers’ office and then my daughter would be called, she lives in another state. I usually sit in on my child’s consults since I retain more of what is said. Due to my training, I understand more than my child does. In fact, my child refers to me as her “medical secretary”.

About a week prior to our appointment I received a call from Dr. Myers’ office informing me that there had been some changes at the clinic. These included I would no longer be able to come to the clinic for our appointment as Dr. Myers would now be working from home. She would only be working two days a week. This inconvenience was going to cost me an additional $300 per hour so that the clinic could stay open. Huh?

Yes, I was told the 60% hike in charges were so Dr. Myers could stay home with her daughter and be able to keep her clinic open. A clinic she isn’t working out of. I would be allowed to pay an additional $300 an hour and get less access. I was stunned, and appalled.

I think every mom should be able to stay home with her children. I was blessed and I did stay home with my daughter. I understand her wanting to stay home. I think it’s great she can do so.

I don’t have an issue with Dr. Myers only working two days a week. That’s a great gig if you can get it. I feel the same way about the ability to work from home. I currently work from home.

My issue is the 60% increase at once. That’s steep.

I studied economics and I am a fan of the free market system and capitalism. When government gets out of the way and lets the market work it is a good system. Supply and demand with determine a fair price for goods and services. I don’t have an issue with her making more money.

Part of the increase was so that the clinic could stay open. Dr. Myers will be working at home. So why would I be charged so much more to keep her office open? If you are working from home can’t you reduce the size of the office if you feel you must keep it open? If you are keeping office space to run the store out of I am confident she could find a less expensive space. Paying less rent would go a long way to keep her rates from jumping $300 an hour.

As I said, I don’t have an issue with her making more money. I just don’t agree with some of her reasons to charge me more. I would not be getting $300 more in services. In fact, my services would be less. When we were at her office last year my daughter’s blood draw was done there right after our consult. We were given other tests to take home to complete. It was very convenient. One stop shopping.

We passed on the opportunity to be inconvenienced and to be gouged for more money. We have another doctor we are working with. My child will still get cared for. The extra money I am not spending on Dr. Myers I can use to buy real food and supplements for my child.

Dr. Myers has a long waiting list and I am confident that we made one of them happy with our decision to hold onto my money.

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Goodbye Dr. Myers

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