Today is the Day

Hello everyone.

I’ve jumped very frustrating moments in my life a year ago to this ship. I can’t still even believe that it’s been a year since I’ve started to work with my partner in crime Burak Emre. You know what they say; time flies.. Seriously.


Today is the day and today we’re happy and lucky to announce our first full time software engineer and first employee of rakam — Kazim Isik.

Please meet with Kazim; We’d like to share his story with everyone…

This is Kazım Işık,
I have started working for Rakam as a developer a couple of weeks ago and I want to tell you how a great experience it has been so far.

I am graduated from METU Computer Engineering at ’08 and from that day towards I have been employed in various companies and worked for many projects. I have started working in Havelsan as a new graduate. In order to solve the integration related problems, I had been relocated and had the opportunity to work with Boeing engineers in Seattle. After returning back to Turkey I got my MBA degree from Bilkent University. Afterwards I have worked for a IC Ictas, AYESAS, Comodo and again Havelsan as the challenges ended and opportunities changed over time. Variety of companies and projects I have worked, helped me learn various programming languages and technologies.

I have started working for Rakam on October ’17. I have to tell by all means this is a whole new experience for me. All of the companies I have worked for had 200+ employees and now I am working for a startup. That means everything is different. On other companies I was just another employee. Here in Rakam the sense of ownership is something else and that motivates me a lot. Here I know my performance, my will, my energy will directly impact the product and the team and that gets me motivated to learn all the new things I have to learn. Both Emre and Nurkan are great guys to work with. Working remote has its downsides but with their great support and positive attitude those downsides gets insignificant.
I was sceptic about working remote, I was sceptic about working in a startup. The attractive side for working Rakam was the product and the technologies behind the product. Now I know I was not wrong about what I thought about the product. But I also know my scepticism was unnecessary about working remote and for startup, because of the great team behind the product. I feel great and motivated working here.

Rakam platform is highly customizable and this gives both the user and the developer a great flexibility to work on. There are a lot of opportunities to work on. I feel impatient to turn them into reality.
Thanks for reading.

We’d like to thank you once again to Kazim for his contribution and being first member of our journey.


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Today is the Day

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