How to Recruit Remote Workers

Recruiting remote workers to your distributed team is an awesome way to boost team productivity, reduce overhead costs, and attract a wider pool of talent. These are just a few of the benefits associated with remote work. And whether you are in the first few stages of hiring, or are about to make an offer, developing a remote team demands video conferencing.

So there’s no time, or money, to waste! Let’s get right into the best practices of how to recruit remote workers.

Find the Right Fit

Before you begin recruiting remote workers, sit down and evaluate the positions that you are looking to fill. Once you know which roles are suitable for remote work, start defining the skills and qualities that are necessary for these positions. Ideally, you’re looking for candidates who are self-motivated, independent, well-organized, and can post funny content in your team’s Slack #watercooler.

Plan it Out

Make sure you and your remote employees understand the policies and practices that help keep a remote staff running. Keep in mind that a virtual workplace means communication is QUEEN. Throughout the recruiting process, your team should be equipped with the best communication tools-video conferencing, instant messaging, email. This will establish a more connected team culture, right from the start.

Use your Tools!

Once you know who you want to interview, start using your tools and break the ice with your candidates. There are tons of great icebreakers out there, but video conferencing is the most effective one. It’s the best way to transform a static phone interview into a more personal interaction. Why? Because 93% of all communication is nonverbal. Face-to-face communication will reveal a lot about a person’s verbal communication style (body language, eye contact, and listening behavior).

Call and Response

Using these tools right from the beginning will give you a good idea of how responsive the candidate is to phone/video calls and email. When recruiting remote workers, you should definitely be observant of their written and verbal communication skills. Given that they are remote, take note of how they handle a bad internet connection (hopefully not like this).

Ask the Right Questions

Not everyone is an ideal fit for remote work. When recruiting remote workers, do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask the right questions to make a behavioral assessment.

Ask them to provide a set of scenarios that highlight their independent working abilities, their time-management strategies, and how they handle distractions and interruptions. Which remote communication tools have they previously worked with, and how do they find their meeting zen?

Say Yes to the… Interview

At some point in this hiring process, you will form a YES and a NO pile. Those YESs will require a second round of screening. Save yourself some time and take advantage of Zeen’s recurring meeting rooms. Using this feature lets you refocus your energy on further evaluating a potential hire, instead of on searching for a lost room link. Your Zeen meeting room is always at your fingertips, ready to go!


Don’t forget to loosen up a little. Every conversation involves some give and take. Give your remote employees a virtual tour of the office during the video call. A difference of 2 time zones and 3 oceans shouldn’t prevent them from knowing the office’s personality. Eventually, you will need to bring them in for an in-person interview, so it might be a good idea for them to see that your team isn’t just sitting under a rock.

Oh Patrick

Be the employer that connects with their remote team both professionally and personally. You can always spark a great discussion with this question: “Which Hollywood action film disaster did you watch this weekend?”

This social connection will make your remote employees feel heard, valued, and more dedicated to your company’s goals.

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How to Recruit Remote Workers

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