How has Travelling impacted your work?

Travel has rather become a loose word these days. Every other bio on Instagram reads ‘Traveller’. I think first, it’s important to understand the difference between the true spirit of traveling and leisure getaways.

You want to get away from your boring routine for a weekend or chill at a resort with your friends? Awesome, that’s a leisure getaway, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In my opinion, true spirit of traveling is going far away from your comfort zone, exploring an unknown territory, experiencing new things, meeting and talking to people who are very different from you and above all, giving yourself time to think about the bigger things in life.

Traveling in its true sense is going through a self learning curve and having loads of fun along the way.

And when it comes to combining work and travel, it’s a super productive combo. My travel schedules have deeply impacted the way I work and function today.

The biggest learning has been to find an effective way of “Work Life Balance” and a greater understanding of where and when to put a pause to work and appreciate other things in life. In short — How to be happy!

Being a Content Marketeer, Blogger and a new face on the block of singer-songwriters, my work involves a lot of creative thinking so there’s no better drug than new experiences to widen your brain’s horizon. And it’s scientifically proven too.

But, it’s not always happy endings. The worst I’ve gone through before getting fired from my last 9–5 job (Yes! That happened) was symptoms of post-travel depression, every time I got back to the daily routine after a trip.

It gets back to normal in a couple of days, but don’t be surprised if you feel less focused at your work during this time. It’s normal!

– Abhilash L R

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How has Travelling impacted your work?

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