I Would Have Made A Good Nerd

I Would Have Made A Good Nerd

May 15 — You know how people say, “If I could do it all over again….”? Well, I’ve said that about my high school years. I was anything but a nerd. I liked the “nerds” but they didn’t like me. They still don’t.

It’s funny because no matter how badly I try I’ll still never be a nerd or what is now considered the “cool” kids. I’m completely attracted to how smart they are but I’m not that smart. At least not in the ways they are. I’m also not into sci-fi. I don’t like Star Wars or the trilogy and haven’t seen any of them all the way through. I appreciate technology but don’t really use it. I hate apps and only download when completely necessary. All these things don’t bode well with the nerds.

However, if we’re talking in a more action oriented sense I would have made a really good nerd in high school had I put my mind to it. Now that I’ve been given another opportunity I can honestly say it’s true.

In the dorms I’ve only recently found out there is a workspace, study room. Instead of going out I’m hanging out in here and I’m not alone. The room is full of students studying for exams well into the night even on weekends. I have so much respect for them because this isn’t their do over. It’s their first go round.

When I was young I took so much for granted. In college I applied myself but only because I had another person relying on me. When I was only responsible for myself I couldn’t see past the immediate to appreciate the long-term. Well, now I am.

It’s very hard to work diligently in Barcelona when there is so much to do. I have to do the work now so I can enjoy time off later next month on my long vacation and later in the year when the time zone is not at all in my favor. Now that I have matured I’m good at being a nerd and I enjoy it. I mean really, nerd is the new black.

More than anything I feel so very fortunate for second chances. I’m probably closer to my twentieth but that doesn’t sound as catchy. This old dog has learned old and new tricks. If only this old dog was taking to Spanish in the same manner.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. A space to work outside of my room on the same floor.
  2. The opportunity at another chance to make things right in my life.
  3. The opportunity to sacrifice now so I won’t have to later.

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I Would Have Made A Good Nerd

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