Remote Working when you’re sick… Why?

I woke up this Monday morning feeling the way that Jabba the Hutt looks. I was oozing mucus from orifices I didn’t even know I had, all while feeling like I was sitting in a bathtub full of ice that was simultaneously on fire. That might sound slightly dramatic but it’s not.

Okay, a little. It was just a fever, but it sucked nevertheless.

This is one of those times remote work can come in handy. If I had to get up, shower, get dressed, commute to work, and deal with co-workers face to face I would have called in sick… but I don’t. I work remotely, which means that I can work from anywhere, including my bed.

So what did I do? I called in sick and went back to sleep.

You may be wondering why I did such a thing. Why wouldn’t I just wrap up in my softest blanket with a bottle of non-drowsy cough medicine and power through my work? It’s not that I couldn’t have done that… but why the hell would I want to?! I felt legitimately sick so I rested in order to become healthy again. Being a remote worker does not mean you should no longer also be a normal human being, unless you are actually from another universe/dimension/species.

I have my doubts…

The REAL problem is that sometimes it’s easy to fall into what I like to call ‘working from hole’ (clever, I know). For example: maybe you start waking up later, skipping showers, and slacking on exercise; or maybe you start working too much and you’re always bailing on your family and friends, that is if you still have any friends.

There’s lots of ways working remotely can mess with you, and it’s happened to all of us at one time or another, especially during the initial abandonment of the office. I find that the thing that keeps me sane is treating my laptop like an office in a very literal sense. I don’t sit down in front of it (to work) unless I’m prepared to sit there for 8 hours. That doesn’t mean I will, I’ll take a lunch break, or a break to play some guitar, or even pack up my office to go to a cafe/co-work space. The point is that I have prepared for my day as if I was about to be stuck in the office. The best part? I’m not going to be stuck in an office… but I’m also not going to be too focused on how much my armpits stink to get my work done.

The message I’m trying to convey in a very strange way is that being a remote worker doesn’t have to define or confine you. You should give yourself limitations and requirements like you’d have in any job that you have to be fully clothed to do. Don’t work if you’re sick, don’t miss your buddies wedding, don’t check your inbox on a date, and don’t become a slob.

Be a normal person… but with a better life and more options.

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Remote Working when you’re sick… Why?

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