Crossover’s First-Ever Partner Meet-Up in Brazil

Crossover’s First-Ever Partner Meet-Up in Brazil

This year, I was invited to become a brand ambassador for Crossover in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. I have to say this really made me happy, as I’m a Crossover fan (and #remotework and #digitalnomad are my hashtags).

Also this year, João, a fellow Crossover partner from Brazil, added me to a group on Skype with 80 Brazilian partners (we’re a big community from all over the country). The cool part of this story is that João interviewed me when I applied to Crossover. Many of the Brazilian partners in this group got to know each other online, but had never met in person.

But in April… things changed! Crossover’s CEO, Andy Tryba, asked the brand ambassadors to host their first events on April 28. Each ambassador would plan a meet-up in their home cities: São Paulo (Brazil), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and Łódź (Poland).

When I mentioned the event to the Brazilian partners on Skype, they got really excited and wanted to attend. But to my surprise, the first partners to confirm were not from São Paulo. They were from other provinces in Brazil, and our event started to get bigger and bigger with confirmations from all over the country. So, as São Paulo’s event grew, we decided to combine it with Porto Alegre’s event and have one big gathering.

There were people coming from across the whole country just to join our event — and look how big Brazil is:

Fifty guests planned to join us — including Luciano Bargmann, Crossover’s head of tech evaluation — at Delirium Café São Paulo. Here are some photos of the venue:

Plans for the meet-up were going well until the day of the event; there was a country-wide general strike! Even though there were some marches close to the café, everyone was able to join us, and the event went smoothly.

Based on this first partner meet-up, I can say that the brand ambassador initiative is an amazing way to engage partners. It’s really great to meet people you talk to every day, swap stories, and share a meal or a drink together. Our next event is already in the works, and for the success of this one, we owe a big thank-you to Robin Rosi, Gerardo Gonzalez, and John Goodwin for all their help and support.

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Crossover’s First-Ever Partner Meet-Up in Brazil

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